Steveo Reviews the Worst Gaming Products of 2015

8.   TedPC

by Smug Thug Productions

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TedPC might be a clever idea, but the 15 NPCs presented in this book - each based on a character portrayed by actor Ted Lang - are too rooted in their movie and television origins to be useful in your own games without requiring a good deal of modification.

Each character "bio" includes a short story meant to place the character in a common fantasy or sci-fi setting, but the volume of broken fourth walls makes those attempts feel more like sarcasm than actual modification. The opening NPC is based on Junior, Lang's lady's man character from That's My Mama. The included fiction places the character in a traditional fantasy roadhouse, serving as a sort of informant for the party, prefacing each tidbit with "I got it! And I got to report it!" takes the character out of the fantasy setting he's intended to inhabit.

Which takes me to my real complaint about TedPC - most of ... well, all of the NPCs presented here are bartender-types. While some have been placed in that role by the author many were originally written that way, such as the unnamed bartender Lang portrayed in Gang of Roses or Isaac Washington, the bartender on Love Boat. In fact, of the 15 NPCs presented here, seven are bartenders based on various incarnations of Isaac.

I give TedPC one Isaac out of a possible 20. The book is a good springboard from which to work a Ted Lang character into your game, but it lacks enough of a breadth of characters to make it useful long term.