Steveo Reviews the Worst Gaming Products of 2015

5.   Shrimpy Dungeons

by Defiled Oblivion Game Studio

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In theory, Shrimpy Dungeons is the type of product that should hold a permanent place in every GM's arsenal of prep tools. Modestly priced at $2.99, this book contains more than one-hundred and thirty different self-contained, one-room dungeons. Unfortunately, none offers enough to occupy a group for an entire session.

When playing The Crystal Latch (page 34), my group found the crystal almost immediately - "hidden" in the only chest in the room. They easily walked across the room, placed the crystal in the latch, and opened the escape portal. With The Goblin's Grin (page 79) they spent just a few minutes dropping random items in the mouth of the giant goblin face sculpture before one brave party member decided to go in themselves. Once they knew that the hole was not only safe but was the exit to the dungeon, the scenario was over.

Throwing a Shrimpy Dungeon at the party will buy an ill-prepared GM time to gather their notes and make up something to do that session, but even with a group of seasoned role players, the type who explore every corner, don't expect more than 10 minutes or so.

I give Shrimpy Dungeons one armadillephant out of a possible 5.