Steveo Reviews the Worst Gaming Products of 2015

4.   Sex & Pathfinder

by Phil Dixie

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Fantasy role playing is the perfect medium for an allegorical, if frank, discussion on sexual identity roles and politics. As one of the largest fantasy role playing properties, the Pathfinder campaign setting is a natural fit to serve as a backdrop to the conversation. The multitude of intelligent species and the ability to magically transform gender and appearance provides an easy opening to explore topics of taboo, gender identity, sexual minorities, and all aspects of sexual development - not just among humans, but also using fay and demi-human races to explore identity as other.

Unfortunately, this book does not have that kind of depth. This book is all about the mechanics of sexual activity in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting.

With charts and tables.

And new talents and feats.

I give Sex & Pathfinder one social responsibility out of a possible 12.