Steveo Reviews the Worst Gaming Products of 2015

7.   The Monstrous Book of Radioactive Mutations

Nearly New Ideas

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I regularly flip through my third printing Gamma World rule book when making super villains and space monsters, and I have more than 100 contributions in the Net Book of Mutations. Mutants are in my wheelhouse, so I leapt at the Kickstarter for this book.

The Monstrous Book of Radioactive Mutations is a well-researched, exhaustive book, which makes giving it a negative review somewhat painful. Where many collections of mutations limit themselves to those directly affecting character abilities, The Monstrous Book examines all types of potential radioactive exposure from multiple trope settings and sci-fi worlds. That kind of exhaustive list actually becomes a hindrance when you're trying to craft a character to play. Anencephaly and microcephaly might be fine mutations for creating an interesting character who has been exposed to radiation or is descended from someone who has, but thyroid cancer provides few role-playing options. And many of the other mutations listed actually kill the character - if not immediately than shortly after exposure.

I give The Monstrous Book of Radioactive Mutations one free radical out of a possible five. The depth and breadth of the material included is just too much for use in a roleplaying game, but if you're interested in radioactive mutations as a scientific subject then this is the book to have.