Steveo Reviews the Worst Gaming Products of 2015

2.   Schläfli Three Dungeons

by Toby's Tactics & Tools

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I flatter myself by thinking TTT might have read my review last year of Schläfli Six Dungeons and taken my criticisms to heart. Earlier this year TTT came back with Schläfli Three Dungeons, a group of three-sided shapes for dungeon building - addressing one of my concerns.

As with the other Schläfli products, the three-sided shapes of Schläfli Three are presented in several sizes and border thicknesses, making them easy to place in most graphics programs with minimal work. (This year, TTT added WebP to the already included SVG, PNG, and TIF formats in all of their Dungeons sets, making it even easier to design dungeons for the web and Android devices).

The instructions recommend combining the three-sided shapes to make dungeon rooms with odd numbers of sides. I practice, however, I found this difficult to do. Stacking two three-sided room pieces together only makes a square with a slash across it. My first attempt at a 5-sided dungeon room ended up with a spikey star pit in the middle. Not what I was wanting for my dungeon.

TTT's Schläfli Four Dungeons still dominates the pre-generated dungeon room market for good reason. Four-sided shapes are great for old-school dungeon maps. Schläfli Three Dungeons is a step backwards in usability.

I give Schläfli Three one Pointland out of a possible five.