Steveo Reviews the Worst Gaming Products of 2015

9.   The Sewers of Klanthra

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The Sewers of Klanthra is not an official Klanthra product and has not been approved by Alan Whickers. But since it covers an area of the City of Paladins we've never seen before, it's an interesting supplemental to the official material published by Jacksie Playtime.

The book takes a detailed look at the city's waste water conduit systems, providing statistics on hundreds of culverts, catch basins, caps, sump pits, and pump stations. Most of the content, however, is tunnel maps. In fact, if Sewers is to be believed, the city of Klanthra has three or four times as many miles of sewers as it does streets. And while each map includes tunnel diameters and flow capacity, the maps are presented in such a haphazard fashion that it's impossible to tie sewer locations to the city landmarks they travel under.

There's a clear value to knowing exactly what a character would see if they drop something into a drain and have to climb down after it, but the way the material is presented here makes it almost impossible to make that visit meaningful instead of tedious.

I give The Sewers of Klanthra one manhole out of a possible five.