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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Vehement

The party are part of a secret US government agency tasked with studying / protecting a cache of alien weapons and technology discovered in a cave in the New Mexico badlands. Thanks to a rosetta stone of sorts found in the Roswell crash, some of the text accompanying the find is translated. Phrases such as […]

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Dynamo for download

I’ve updated my games download page to include Dynamo. I haven’t updated the artwork yet, but the game is playable, and I’m proud of it, so there you go. One thing – in updating the site today, I added as a sub domain, and then added I’ll be using SuburbanRobot as my game […]

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AARG is here! (Mostly)

So I’ve been on a sort of radio silence lately here on the blog for a few reasons – 1. My regular gaming group broke up. I won’t go into details, but “I’m an asshole, that’s just how I am” doesn’t make it OK that you’re an asshole. 2. My regular gaming group got back […]

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Robocop (2014) <3 Robocop (1987)

Read any of the critical reviews of the new Robocop movie, and the complains will mostly boil down to one of three angles – 1. This is not how I would have done it.2. It’s not how I wanted them to do it.3. All sequels suck. All three are valid reasons for not liking a […]

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Intrigue, Part 1

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with so far in plotting out American Auror is in keeping the individual adventures intriguing. I’ve got plenty of story ideas at the campaign level, but I realized quickly that my normal adventure style of starting a bad event in motion and then letting the party […]

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Dynamo Updated

I’ve been distracted lately in working on Dynamo, which is the system I developed for NaGaDeMon. Like GENERALA before it, it’s kind of taken on a life of it’s own once people started playing it. Originally, the Dynamo rules document was a two-page slapdash thing that introduced character creation and the basics of game play. […]

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Uncle Dungeoning Ma’att – #13 The City of the Dead

Being dead twice in as many hours can have an affect on a person. As I said before, nephew, the first experience had a profound impact on me, one which I wish to process further before commenting on. My second experience, which I had as I was pulled down under the mountain, bouncing along the […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Mystery Sentai

The characters are local civil servants of various types who work in an office building on the edge of town. It’s ancient, few people work there, and there’s constant wonder that it hasn’t been closed down to save money. Then, one day, they’re in a garage area that nobody goes to and suddenly a door […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Elementary, Dear Data

The players are asked to restat one of their favorite previous characters and email the GM with a small bio and a bit about where the character was when last they left them. At the start of game play, all players hand their character sheet and bio to the person to their left.

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Praying to the wrong gods

The gods are back, and they’re wrecking shit.

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