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StarHounds Update

Previously, I’d been posting updates on our StarHounds campaign on Pluspora, but since I don’t use Pluspora anymore I’m moving over to here. You can catch up on previous posts by searching #StarHounds on Pluspora Pluspora posts TL;DR version – The Jenny Haniver is a ship on the frontier of space, the Industry sector. The […]

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Making Gaming Notes by Location

This campaign, I’ve started playing with a new way of organizing and preparing story information that hasn’t come to the party yet. The results are that I’ve reduced my prep work and increased my improvisation opportunities. The players are reaping the benefits as well by seeing their character’s actions have a solid effect on the […]

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Where the hell is Steveo, pt 2

So I’ve been puttering around, and I still haven’t found a place to land. I’ve got some thoughts, however.

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Where the Hell is Steve-o?

Well, now that G+ has gone the way of New Coke, where will Steve-o be hanging out? Probably here, for now. I haven’t been making much use of this blog, but until I tamp down a new social network that feels comfortable I’ll be posting here and resharing elsewhere. I’ll be more active on Instagram. […]

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Campaign Idea I’ll Never Use – BUCKLR

The party are members of a secret, privately funded global spy organization called BUCKLR. Their purpose is to monitor all of the other secret, privately funded global spy organizations and, when necessary, track down their individual members and serve them with bills for all of the collateral damage they’ve caused. And, when really necessary, bring […]

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On Podcasting

Asking what the “best” microphone is for podcasting is misunderstanding the problem. Here’s how to sound good without spending a ton.

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Process Map Campaign Design

One of my players has been working on learning to GM and has been asking me questions about my writing processes. I’ll be honest, my processes are few – there’s not much to my GM’ing beyond “tell a good story”. The way I run my games varies pretty widely depending on the group, system and […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Ex Machina

The party is comprised of scientists, military technology experts, etc. The game begins with everyone in a helicopter over a jungle being given a briefing – they’re about to be dropped into an extremely remote testing facility where artificial humanoids have been living in an isolated commune. The company wants a full study of AI […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use soon – The Library

The main hall of The Library has a tiled marble floor depicting the Earth as seen from space branching out into fragments of nearly identical Earths, sort of like the CBC logo. Each of the multitude of halls and exhibit rooms branching off from the main hall house not an organized collection but a haphazard […]

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Home Made GM Screen

I made a new GM screen! I based my screen build on Tim Snider’s design, with a few tweaks.

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