Campaign idea I’ll never use – Mystery Sentai

The characters are local civil servants of various types who work in an office building on the edge of town. It's ancient, few people work there, and there's constant wonder that it hasn't been closed down to save money. Then, one day, they're in a garage area that nobody goes to and suddenly a door opens that they didn't see there before.

Inside, they find the secret lair of the Rigid Lotus Force, a popular, if hokey, super sentai team that's been making occasional appearances in town the last year or so, doing a decent enough job of fighting crime. Except that, if what's being displayed on the screen, apparently a live feed from inside the Rigid Lotus Leader's helmet, is true, the entire team have just been killed. Like dead killed.

At the moment, the characters are the only ones who know what's happened, left as they are in the team's secret lair ... surrounded by the team's gear and backup suits. Will they step into the team's boots and spandex? (undoubtedly) Will they continue to fight crime on the Rigid Lotus team's behalf? (for a little while) Will they become a grittier reboot of the Rigid Lotus team, showing less mercy and more fist? (almost assuredly)


Corey posted 01/07/14 4:44 pm

Ok, why is this a campaign idea you'll never use? WHY!?

steveo posted 01/07/14 8:56 pm

Time. These are ideas I'll never use because I'm working on other stuff. But I like these ideas, so I publish them.

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