StarHounds Update

Previously, I'd been posting updates on our StarHounds campaign on Pluspora, but since I don't use Pluspora anymore I'm moving over to here. You can catch up on previous posts by searching #StarHounds on Pluspora

Pluspora posts TL;DR version - The Jenny Haniver is a ship on the frontier of space, the Industry sector. The only reason people are even out here are the neutronium mines in the light-years-across gas clouds where prospectors in mag-containment ships spend weeks in the void alone, capturing free neutronium to sell to the fuel processor stations. The Jenny's crew work for the FCP - the Federation of Collaborating Planets, which is an economic federation regulating trade between free planets and those in the Sol Union. The FCP maintains a small "police" force throughout human space which operates on a bounty system paid for by member corporations, world governments, and anyone else who can afford it. Out in Industry, however, the Jenny is the only FCPP ship and, for most of the worlds out there, the only law.

- -

This week, the part are still on the train. I planned the entire train adventure to run for three sessions, it's been six and showing little sign of slowing down, so I threw a few things at them.

The party learned that Crashface, the secretive (and highly skilled) assassin for hire was aboard the train. The captain of the train asked the FCP crew members for help and Nova, being Nova, asked the captain to pay them. He said he'd have to contact headquarters and ask if that was possible.

For safety's sake, they moved Kelvin, the young hacker they were transporting to trial, off of the Jenny and into the train's passenger sleeper, which was a lot like a small hotel. There, Kelvin broke into the hotel's entertainment system. Rather than tie him up, Captain Kierce decided to make use of him and asked Kelvin to access the hotel's camera's to keep an eye on things. That's how they discovered that two of the business douchebags they saw earlier were currently breaking into the ship's cargo car. Nova and Mark were dispatched to see what they were up to.

That's when the captain of the train informed them that not only would the train's corporation not be paying them, but they'll be dropping out of FTL to pick up some corporate investigators who will handle things.

And it's about that time that all hell broke loose.

Nova and Mark discovered that the corporate douches had been searching through crates and had found what they were looking for. A shootout ensued when Mark and Nova were caught snooping.

Two more corporate douches showed up in the hotel looking for Kelvin. Turns out, all four corporate douches were robots working for - possibly created by? - Crashface. Was Crashface himself a robot? Kierce didn't want to find out and settled the matter by lobbing a grenade down the hallway of the hotel. Turns out, space hotels aren't built as ruggedly as ground hotel, and Kierce's grenade blew a hole through three levels.

Kierce and crew fled up a few floors away from the destruction and discovered that the corporate investigators never arrived - they were taken out by some of those weird dudes with the little black DEVO hats. The DEVO squad were on board the ship now and after Silk. Jaako and Kierce got in too late to save Silk's life, but he passed a message along to them - "Save her! Keep her safe!" and then transferred a cargo slip to them.

Just then, Mark looked into the box the douchebots had been attempting to steal and found ...


Matthew Salter posted 07/10/20 5:31 pm

Hi, it’s been a hot minute since the group was active, but with all of the virtual meetings going on I thought it was a great time to have a virtual meet-up, a chance to talk about all of the things we’ve gotten up to in the past 20 years. I’ve reached out to Henriette, and there is some interest there, and I’m attempting to contact JIM, Steve-O, and JR as well. Henriette has also suggested that I try and track down Richard Wilson and Ian from Australia, but with the forums being gone I don’t have their contact information. If any of you guys are interested, let me know, and we’ll try and set something up. I was Maracus on the old Forums, but my RW name is Matthew Salter.

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