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I haven't been blogging much because I've been busy on other projects, so I thought I'd write up a quick note on what I'm thinking for a timeline for my current projects.

Dungeoning Ma'att

My dungeon musing / mapping and short fiction personal project.

I'm currently working on the expanded first collection of Dungeoning Ma'att dungeons. The book will include the first dozen maps, expanded and edited text, the new sections on how to use the structure, and a special 13th dungeon that will only be in the pay PDF file. I'm hoping to have the PDF up on DriveThruRPG by the end of January. I'll update my blog with the redesigned maps but probably not the new text.


The goofiest roleplaying game ever designed.

My next project is completing the base GENERALA book. The 3 sample dungeons are still in various states of rewrite and I'm looking toward mid-February to get that up on DriveThruRPG and the GENERALA website. That's probably going to be it for fantasy GENERALA for a bit. I'm toying with opening up a forum and soliciting submissions for a free GENERALA bestiary. We'll see how that goes.


The Adventure, Tabletop or Miniature Gamers of Alaska website.

The AToMAk domain has been registered (atom-ak.com) and I'm shooting for a February launch date. I'm building a rough design now and I've got a pseudo-code structure for the forums and calendar events.

The Adventure Plot Tool Kit

Create campaign adventures on the fly.

Yes, I'm still working on the Tool Kit! I went back and rewrote a lot of the text for the frames and restructured the closing section on generic plot variations. I'm designing the book to print A5, which I prefer to 6 x 9. I'll put the book up as digital and print-on-demand, but the PoD is really where I'm directing the book. I'm seriously considering doing an expanded Kickstarter edition to get some print copies into the world that I can donate to fundraiser projects. I'm looking to have that done some time during the summer.

Square Fisted Stars

GENERALA in Space!

Mustache Rangers may be gone, but fandom lives on. I'm looking at an after-summer release on the sci-fi version of GENERALA. I'm working out some ways to make it more than just reskinned dungeon crawling - I really want the sci-fi tropes to be incorporated into actual gameplay and affect how the game works. Also, out of necessity, there's a good bit of extra material that needs to be published at the same time the rules come out. If I don't, the jokes about sexism in early sci-fi won't seem like jokes and I'll get yelled at.

Dynamo, Benandanti, and Apollyon

I have not forgotten any of these games, but they're all on the backburner at the moment. I'm using them as filler work between my main projects. I've rewritten the playing card mechanic of Benandanti and I'm hoping to have a beta of that system out for playtesting soon, but I have no firm timeline. Dynamo is waiting on artwork and an expanded game master's section - I'd really like to make the game completely pick-up-and-play - so the game master shouldn't have much more to do to start a game than players have to do when making their characters. And Apollyon is so esoteric, so out there in its concept of having the players bid against each other to determine how they're going to be railroaded, that I really want to play it with a solid group used to alternative games. Unfortunately, I only have one player in Anchorage that I think can handle it, so I might turn to playing online with it, if I can get my laptop to survive doing so.



Oh yeah! I forgot to add AARG to the above post! It's just that AARG has been such a constant, low-level project for so many years of my life that I never think of it as a project to be completed, it's just always there.

The Narrator's Guide is well underway and should be done in the next few months. My plan is to compile the Narrator's Guide, then gather all of my notes into the first chapter book based on the Amity setting (which will take even longer because it will include all of the elemental spells that were taken out of the main rule book).

Once those two books are done, the game will be ready to go! Seriously! I can't imagine it! With any luck this albatross that I've lived with for more than 10 years will finally fly off on its own and the only work I'll have to do on it, besides the occasional errata, is the settings books. I really can't wait.

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