Where the Hell is Steve-o?

Well, now that G+ has gone the way of New Coke, where will Steve-o be hanging out? Probably here, for now. I haven't been making much use of this blog, but until I tamp down a new social network that feels comfortable I'll be posting here and resharing elsewhere.

I'll be more active on Instagram. My personal instagram isn't updated all that often, and only has pictures of me and my dog and occasionally my beautiful wife. My costuming instagram is more active, but mostly has costuming and prop making and occasionally pictures of my beautiful wife in various states of dress.

You can usually find me on Hangouts still. Although my gaming group has migrated to Discord, the wife and I still use Hangouts to chat and send funny pictures. So if you just want to say hello or send me a funny picture hit me up on Hangouts @robotkarateman

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