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A few sessions ago, I handed out a questionnaire to my group to help me define what my players were expecting from this campaign. I'd already thrown the idea out to them with my pitch summary ("It's Gangster Squad meets Harry Potter") and knew they liked my ideas so far. I gave it some time to settle in, then gave them the template questionnaire so I could gauge their expectations of the game.


I wasn't surprised that all of my players rated Adventure as the element that they'd most like to see - after all this is a roleplaying game - but I was a bit surprised that Recurring Characters ranked #2 and Combat was #4. Our last long-term campaign had a lot of recurring themes and characters, but only to give me a sense of permanency when I was writing the next adventure in that universe. Having people and places show up more than once made it easier for me to write each game because I could build on what had already happened. I'm surprised that the players identified with it.


Anyway, here's the compiled results of the questionnaire. I'll be using it as the campaign template when writing up adventures.




Corey posted 05/02/13 5:17 pm

I definitely agree with the recurring characters. While it makes it easier for you to write the story, it also makes it easier for the players to become more invested in the world because of the same sense of permanency and adversity.

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