cover-1GENERALA has been available on my games site for a while now. Recently I updated the system with poisons and bard skills, and a new dungeon is in the works. All of the documents, from character sheet to covers, got updates.

I got more downloads since the update than the previous version got in its entire existence. But that was still less than 100 individual user downloads. If I was going to grow this game, I realized, I need to add new ways for people to get the game. But how to rope in players who don't want to download the game and all the materials for the game for free?

By making it pay!

That's right, if you were unsure about grabbing the game before because it was a free game placed on a website you aren't familiar with, now you have the option of paying for the game on DriveThruRPG!

Check it out, write reviews.


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