Campaign idea I’ll never use – Acroamia’s Got Talent

The characters are professional adventure entertainers. A beholder follows each character, magically broadcasting their exploits around the kingdom. It doesn't take long for the other competitors to start banding together in groups to survive, so the player characters join forces with each other. They gear up by getting sponsors through heroic deeds. The competition is part The Great Race, part Indiana Jones, and a healthy chunk of dungeon crawl. At the end of each session, each player gets a minute or two to do an interview segment with their own beholder offering up their opinion of the other characters and the events of the day.


Corey posted 03/31/14 4:17 am

Would the beholders be played by the other players? That would be kind of fun.

steveo posted 04/09/14 4:16 pm

To just follow another player around?

Corey posted 05/04/14 12:35 am

Oh no, the other players are still playing. Just for cut scenes, background fluff. Each player ALSO plays some other players beholder. I'm sure in the filming of 'reality' tv the directors are constantly commenting on or trying to get people to do things. It would make sense that the beholders are also the critters running the show. Just a thought.

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