Campaign idea I’ll never use – The God Makers

The local religioustry of Generic Fantasy City #7 has put out a general call for reps from the various social organizations in town. Many of the factions will not view this as a great honor and will likely send unskilled and/or untrustworthy but immensely replaceable members - ie. the player characters. Turns out, the mystics have a really important reason for asking for this meeting - God is about to come back to the world. S/He does this every 1000 years or so. The religious order has compiled a likely set of families, all about to produce offspring around the same time that all meet the criteria for also siring God's new avatar. It's been a decade since that work began, now it's time to go out and find out which kid is God. The representatives who show up are all ordered, on pain of death by imperial decree, to travel the countryside looking for the 10 year old God. They're given a list of towns and family names, handed a copy of an ancient scroll with God tests on it, and told to go fetch any likely candidates. It won't take long for the party to learn that dragging a bunch of 10 year-olds who all think they might be God across the countryside is not only a pain in the ass, but a potential danger as the various communities attempt to woo and/or threaten them into declaring their particular child the winner (possibly even going so far as to wipe out any competition the party may be dragging along with them).

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