NaGaDeMon begins

Now that my 25 hour Game-a-thon for Children's Hospitals is over, I can get about the business of writing down and developing my ideas for my National Game Design Month entry -



I've developed a recent fondness for "loose", rules-light systems like Daniel Bayn's WuShu, and I've always enjoyed analyzing genre stories and breaking them down into their constituent parts. So I've been considering combining those two things into a role-playing.


Enter DYNAMO - my idea for a rules-light(ish) superhero role playing game. I'll be writing down my ideas for DYNAMO throughout NaGaDeMon and publishing them in the above Evernote entry.


A few notes on where I plan on going with DYNAMO -


1. The system won't be completely narrative. Instead, players will take their characters through a formulaic comic book plot, with pre-determined scenes. In those scenes, players and GM will trade off story influence to gain bonuses on later rolls.


2. Combat and skills will use something I'm calling the CURRENT System - FUDGE dice are rolled, and every +/- combination counts as one success.


3. What the characters' super powers are counts less than how they use them. The more powerful a player makes their character's abilities, the more limited they are in how those abilities can be used. Game play will encourage a heroic, indomitable style of character behavior over fists and weapons.


There's not much up there now, but if you want to follow my progress on DYNAMO, the system document can be found on my Evernote page.

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